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Located conveniently off of Business I-85, our facility is a short thirty minute drive from neighboring Greenville, SC and one hour from Charlotte, NC respectively. CRASH houses a variety of strength and conditioning equipment, catering to fitness enthusiasts of any discipline. You’ll find dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bumper plates, sandbags, sleds, climbing ropes, pegboards, SkiErgs, RowErgs, BikeErgs, fan bikes, treadmills in 10,000 sq ft of main workout floor space, including 2400 sq ft of performance turf. 

Our facility further offers an auxiliary gym space of 1,600 sq ft, perfect for athletes that are interested in doing a personal program while traveling.

We welcome ALL athletes to train with us at CRASH!!!



CrossFit CRASH is a special place. Our unique community is a collection of individuals from all walks of life, with one common goal: Fitness and wellness over the years. With a foundation deeply rooted in CrossFit methodology, our workouts are accessible to athletes of all fitness levels, abilities and ages.

Our coaches put a primacy on safety and movement quality and are committed to fostering an environment synonymous with mutual communication. We can’t wait to welcome you to

our family at CRASH!

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